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Wee Rascals and Wizard Uno Set

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Wee Rascals and Wizard Uno Pack.

Wee Rascals and Wizard Uno Pack. Ex nappy hire kit. As we are no longer offering our nappy hire kit service, we have created these packs of the nappies used in the kits. All are still in excellent used condition, have been washed in eco-store powder, and sterilised ready to send to you.

Included in this pack:

1 x Green Wee Rascals OSFM nappy with insert

1 x Blue Wee Rascals OSFM nappy with insert

1 x Wizard Uno (Mothers Ease UK) Medium all in one nappy

2 x bubblebubs cotton inserts


More Info about these nappies:

Wizard Uno:

Wizard Uno ORGANIC is a slim nappy with the cover and absorbent core attached. This is the most convenient choice in the Motherease range as it requires no preparation before use, it’s as close as you can get to a disposable nappy while being a washable one!

The absorbent pad is made with ORGANIC COTTON and contains no polyester in the fabric weave.

What makes the Wizard Uno completely different to other All In One nappies are the double elasticized leg openings. This provides two lines of defence against leaks just like a two part nappy system – elastic in the nappy pad + elastic in the waterproof cover.

The waterproof cover is made of the same world class quality fabric just like the Motherease separate wraps. Wizard Unos have the Motherease leak resistant binding which stops moisture from wicking outward.

Wee Rascal OSFM:

This is a OSFM adjustable nappy using snaps for the adjustable rise, and the waist adjustment. Pocket style nappy.

Microfleece inner to wick to the insert. Pul and cotton outer.



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