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Natures Sway Hammock Mattress Stiffener


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An optional extra coconut fiber and latex mattress underlay to firm up hammock base. For heavier babies – not recommended for newborns.

The baby hammock is designed to provide a gentle curve for the developing spine of a new born baby, however, as baby gets older they may require a stiffener underneath the mattress to make the hammock base flatter and more open. The stiffener is constructed from coconut fibers formed into a firm and partly flexible sheet with natural latex. It must be used with our natural wool mattress. Note: do not use this product with any other brand of baby hammock as the curve designs differ.

Available in 3 lengths.The standard size is 81-83cm long by 27 cm wide and 2cm thick which is made to fit the newer designed hammock. Please click on the option tab if you would like a shorter stiffener sized to fit the old-style hammock (ie, pre 2010), or a longer stiffener to get more use out of the hammock (you will need the longer mattress too).