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Iti Baby goat’s milk & oat soap free bath 500g


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Baby skin is very sensitive and some soaps can be irritating and drying on the most delicate baby skin.

Iti Baby’s gentle goats milk and oat soap free bath mix is ideal for babies and children with very dry or very sensitive skin, including nappy rash flare ups. It has the perfect balance between the ingredients making a non-toxic, very mild, moisturising wash.

Simply place 1-2 tablespoons of the powder into the supplied cotton bag and swish around in the warm bath water. Give it a good squeeze and watch as the bath goes a lovely milky colour. When you have finished simply tip the left over oats into the compost, rinse the cotton bag, and set out to dry until next bath time.

Each bag of soap-free wash comes with an organic cotton bag and a wooden scoop for measuring