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Cup trial pack – Cup, Steriliser and 3 Cotton Liners


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Cup trial pack – Cup, Steriliser and 3 Cotton Liners

Cup trial pack. Includes 3 pack of cotton galaxy liners, a basic menstrual cup, and Ecomoon cup steriliser, plus a cotton storage bag.

Cloth Liners:

Forest Flower Print reusable menstrual cloth pad…….. these are not a thing of yester year. Like modern cloth nappies these have had a modern revolution. They are:

  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable
  • As bright and fun prints as you want
  • Customisable

NMMP have a water resistant backing made of quality 2mm PUL, so no crackling or slipping. PUL is a water resistant material, that provides protection whilst remaining breathable. PUL also holds up to regular use, washing and drying routines. A layer of absorbent cotton, with super soft cotton against your skin. Snap closure on wings that wrap around your underwear. (We recommend firm fitting cotton underwear).

Light pads/liners are suitable for light flow, discharge or back up for your menstrual cup.

Basics cup:

This is our entry level cup. Made to be affordable for women interested in perhaps moving to the cup lifestyle but unsure whether they are ready to invest. Although made of quality materials these cups with a join down the middle are likely to last 2-5 years (versus 10 years for more expensive brands).

Choose from a Size Large or Size Small. The Size large Basics cup and is best suited to those that have given birth, or do not have strong pelvic floor muscles. Size Small Basics cup and is best suited to those that have not given birth, or have strong pelvic floor muscles.

Cup Steriliser

The Ecomoon menstrual cup steriliser or storage cup. This container folds flat for easy storage, or open to use to store your menstrual cup within.

To use this cup as a steriliser there are two options:

Microwave:  To use this cup as a microwave steriliser place your menstrual cup inside the unfolded holder. Fill the holder with water, until it covers the cup. DO NOT seal the lid, as this will not allow steam to escape. Microwave on high power in the middle of your microwave plate for 5 mins.  Leave until cool. Drain the water, and let air dry. Shut the lid, and its ready for your next cycle.

Steriliser Tablets: As above unfold the holder, and fill with water, to cover the cup. Add 1/4 Milton (or similar) sterilising tablet. Close the lid. Leave in the water for at least 4 hours (but not more than 24 hours). Drain and let air dry. Replace lid and your cup is ready for your next cycle. (This method may cause some fading of colours, but is safe for silicon).

Size: 80mm x 75mm.

Pack Contains:

3 x Cotton LIners

1 x Size Large or Small basics cup (colours can vary)

1 x Ecomoon Cup Steriliser (colours can vary)

NMMP cloth pads handmade in Nelson, New Zealand by NMMP


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