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Bamboo Bomb Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pad – Medium 2 pack SECONDS

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Bamboo Bomb Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pad – medium

Bamboo Bomb reusable menstrual cloth pad these are not a thing of yester year. Like modern cloth nappies these have had a modern revolution. They are:

  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable
  • As bright and fun prints as you want
  • Customisable

NMMP have a water resistant backing made of quality 2mm PUL, so no crackling or slipping. PUL is a water resistant material, that provides protection whilst remaining breathable. PUL also holds up to regular use, washing and drying routines.

These have a hemp/bamboo fleece absorbent core. Hemp fabric has a  natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property making it perfect for these products. Hemp requires less manufacturing than cotton, and is a textile that holds up to washing routines. This fabric is also highly absorbent absorbing as much as seven times its own weight in fluids.

Super soft bamboo velour against your skin. Who wants crackly plastic against your sensitive skin?

Snap closure on wings that wrap around your underwear. (We recommend firm fitting cotton underwear).

Medium pads are suitable for a light to medium/regular flow. Bamboo bomb pads are also suitable for bladder leakage due to the high absorbency of the bamboo velour.

Pack Contains:

2 x Regular/Medium Pad SECONDS

Handmade in Nelson, New Zealand by NMMP

SECONDS – Seconds are still in correct functioning order. They have been classed as seconds due to aesthetic reasons – usually slightly off shape, stitching off centre, or slight movement of fabric.


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