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Meet Tama the Kiwi!

Tama the Kiwi Tiki Tours New Zealand is the first in a series of children’s books designed to inspire that great Kiwi spirit of travel and adventure! Starting off in his incredible homeland, Tama explores the landscapes, cities, beaches and farmlands, so kids in New Zealand and around the world can get to know this magical country.

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Briana Weaver
5 out of 5 :

I read Tama the Kiwi with my daughter Loriann and we both thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the illustrations. Tama the Kiwi takes you on a whimsical and nostalgic Tiki tour from one end of New Zealand to the other. The illustrator provides you with beautiful, characterful drawings that simply and effortlessly encapsulate kiwiana; whilst the author cleverly describes each destination through simple rhyme. Bongiovanni includes a tiki-clad post-it note with Maori names or phrases spelt both correctly and phonetically to aid the unfamiliar reader. In this sense the story offers a unique combination of being both familiar and comforting to the native kiwi whilst simultaneously offering a taste of New Zealand to the international audience. My daughter happily read along pointing at the different illustrated landmarks she recognized, enjoying Tama’s delightful charm! Our one grievance… Nelson wasn’t on the tour…but then perhaps we are a little biased.

Lorna Johnston
5 out of 5 :

“What an excellent book! My almost 2 year old boy Jake loves reading and at his age is mostly captivated by the pictures and rhyming words. This book encapsulates all of this. The pictures are very vibrant and enthralled him. It is a simple book and also great way of teaching Jake the different areas of New Zealand. What we also loved where the Maori words on each page and their pronunciations as English parents that is area we struggle with. Would highly recommend this book”

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