Slim Snack Reuseable Snack Packs – Pack of 4


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*** please note discounted due to water damaged packaging****

Snack container & ice pop all in one. Add extra snacks and jazz up your kid’s lunch box with granola, nuts, carrots & raisins. Easy rinse and fast air-dry overnight. Thoughtful & useful gift for any child. Created to use all summer for ice pops then year for lunch boxes…

FREEZE: Smoothies, fruit juice & seltzer, yogurt or anything from your blender. Cone shape means no messy dripping & unfinished pops go back in the freezer. Freeze extra apple/tomato sauces for future recipes (so they don’t spoil in the fridge.) Carry air tight protein powder/raw sugar for whenever you need it.

HIGH QUALITY 100% BPA-FREE food grade silicone, a safe, reusable alternative to plastic. Our products never turn white when twisted= no unknown fillers, 100% silicone. The only silicone snack bag with a Patent Pending attached cap so kids can’t lose it and guaranteed not to leak.

SLIM DESIGN takes up minimal freezer space, stack for storage & fits in small spaces like lunch boxes, gym bags, diaper bags & handbags. Bright colors won’t get lost in the bottom of your gym bag & keep kids asking for more.

PERFECT FOR: Raw nuts/nut butters, goji berries, veggie sticks, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, small crackers, granola, protein powders. Keep baby formula in two, crackers in one for big brother and almonds for Mom in another. Many other uses: travel items like small feeding utensils, Qtips, cotton rounds, vitamins, etc. Measures appx 8″ high 1″ across at the top, holds appx 3 ounces.

SAVE MONEY by buying in bulk and using a Slim Snack instead of individually wrapped lunch box snacks. Skip the toxic food coloring & sugar in packaged ice pops & blend up fruits & veggies or just freeze your favorite juice. Lessen the packaged snacks & popsicles, make the switch to a sustainable waste free lunch box and get inspired to create healthy home made snacks. For adults & kids. At home or on the go:



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