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i care is great for for all women that lead active lifestyle, swim, run, busy mothers or they just don’t want to have to think about changing a pad or a tampon every few hours.

• I care can be worn for up to 12 hours (8 hours recommended preferably)
• I care is so comfortable it can’t be felt while wearing, just like disposable options
• I care is comfortable during swimming and sports
• I care eliminates menstrual odor, since menstrual flow isn’t exposed to air like when using menstrual pads or similar
• I care is not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and does not cause dryness or irritation

Size 1 is recommended for those that have not had children, virgins, or those with strong pelvic floor muscles. These can also be recommended for women with “short” vaginas. If you can easily reach your cervix with your index finger, a Size 1 may be the correct size for you.

Size 2 is recommended for women who have had children, or have weaker pelvic floor muscles.

Remember the first few times you used tampons? Well, I care is just as simple once you understand the steps. At first it may seem awkward to insert or remove I care. That’s OK—most women experience that. Start your trial on a lighter flow day or at bedtime as you get to know how your body works with I care. You may want to wear a pantyliner or pad to protect against leakage your first few times until you feel comfortable placing I care. After a few uses you’ll understand how often you need to change I care. Remember,I care must be changed after 12 hours.
1 – Wash your hands and relax. Sit on the toilet with your knees apart.

Hold I care so the bottom of the cup hangs down. Squeeze the opposite sides of the rim together.

2 – Keeping the rim pressed together, insert I care completely into your vagina. Use your finger to push I care down and back as far as it will go. It will slide into place under the cervix and behind the pubic bone.

When I care is inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel it.
3 – If you feel something in the vaginal canal, the cup is probably not placed far enough inside you. Just remove and try again

4 – To remove I care, we recommend sitting on the toilet with your knees apart. Insert your finger into the vagina. Feel your pubic bone—the I care rim will be right behind it. Hook your finger under the rim. If you have trouble hooking your finger, just bear or push down with your pelvic muscles. Slowly pull I care out of your body keeping it horizontal and level.

Made of High quality medical grade silicon.

These are recommended for 3 years use..


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