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Ecomoon Community Room

The Ecomoon Collective is proud to offer all parents/caregivers/families in the Nelson region our Community Room. This space was designed for a place you can change and feed your baby, have a cup of tea, or relax in a friendly environment with no obligation.

com-room3This room was created after Prue, as a mother of three was struggling to find somewhere other than her car in a carpark to feed her youngest, whilst still keeping an eye on her older two children. The community room offers comfy couches, warmth, toy box for older children, change table, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, jug, microwave and a listening ear if needed! This is FREE of charge just walk on in!


bubs-com-roomThis room is also used by many great groups in the region – follow our events page to stay up to date ( ). This is offered free of charge to not for profit groups. Perhaps have you next coffee group meet up at Ecomoon? This room may be hired for a small contribution charge if you are running lessons, or anything you charge for.


Thanks to our fabulous sponsors below we are able to continue to offer this service. Please if you are thinking about becoming a sponsor – individual or business, contact us today. We sincerely appreciate it in being able to continue to offer this service to our many families that use this space.

Thanks to previous support from the following Businesses:

First National Richmond


Heke Homemade Herbals